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Stockholm Syndrome (Act 1, Scene 1)


Gwen took advantage when she heard her grandparents needed a house sitter for their 100-acre property in Florida. A week of peace and solitude was exactly what she needed. Long strolls on her grandparent’s property was one of her favorite things. Today she decided to visit the garden shack in the middle of the grounds near the grounds keeper’s quarters. Did grandpa say there was a new grounds attendant?

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The 32 images are my interpretation of the Stockholm Syndrome as I imagine it would look. By writing out individual scenes and then choosing the three models, I was then able to rehearse them as actor(s) would perform in a One Act Play, from the opening scene to the final conclusion. Thereafter, I photographed them as each individual scene was depicted in my mind, using a unique style of photography, to give the onlooker their own understanding of the syndrome.


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