About Berns

A Photographer with a “Vision for Storytelling”

It seems to me that every person is born a storyteller. Each person possesses a unique ability to tell their stories and it is up to them to decide how they will do so. Arnold Berns has chosen to narrate his stories through photographic art.

I became familiar with Arnold’s photography when he presented me with the task of printing some of his infrared film. I was immediately intrigued by his work. He uses the strength of infrared to capture the mood of his stories. Each series of photographs tell their own unique story – each with their own distinct look and feel.

I find that Arnold cultivates a particular mood very well. When exposed properly, infrared can yield a certain hazy appearance, often casting a dream-like quality. When I look at arnold’s work, I feel as though I am looking in on another person’s dream. He also adds intensity through the use of psychological and tonal contrasts. His successful techniques bring attention to his work. The media and style work well with the subject matter he choses.

Both the mood and subject matter of arnold’s images vary from series to series. He manages to use fresh ideas with each new “story”. Whether he utilizes ballet dancers, a steam engine or an old building, arnold always tells a fascinating story. I feel infrared photography is the perfect vehicle for those stories.

-Jennifer King, lab manger
Dickinson Studio

Berns –  Artist. Photographer. Storyteller.